Best Bamboo Longboard

Best Bamboo Longboards – Its Time to Ride the Concrete Wave!

Do more of what makes you happy with the longboards. Let’s glide around the city in a stylish and fast way from one place to another place without any of the traffic and the problem. To make your longboarding experience better we are coming up with the best bamboo longboard that provides a great durable and quality products.

Bamboo longboards provide a unique look and amazing feel under your feet so that you can enjoy the ride of the city streets including all the kind of the riders from the kids to aged persons. The design and structure of the bamboo longboards integrate PU wheels, aluminum trucks, abstract graphics that make it beautiful and strong with the efficient cost. It offers superior performance for regular use which gives you a smooth, safe, and funny experience while gliding. 

These longboards use multi-layered ply hardwood that is not easily broken and allows you to easily balance your weight while making tricks on it. As we know it is important to have a longboard made of durable material and it must be resistant to any kind of weather, all this is possible because of the bamboo material. So when buying bamboo longboards, consider things like bearings, capacity level, riding style, deck style and board size so you can enjoy longboarding.

Here we are complementing the outstanding products of Bamboo Longboard with their specifications. Check out those products and make a good choice.

Top 8 Best Bamboo Longboards Reviews 2020


+ Extreme running accuracy, Offers strength and pliability , Reduce the impact of wheel bite, Superior grip for ride

Trucks start to making noise


+ Better performance, Ensure maximum durability, Excellent riding, Offers quality components

It’s a little nose heavy


+ Tighter trucks better for high speed stability, Looser trucks are better for turns, You can loose or tight wheels, Strong enough to support

The bearings are smooth but not too fast


This can be the best choice for various types of riders, a better choice than other longboards

Come to Skate and Have Fun with the Retrospec bamboo longboard. The classic shape and slice corners make it one of the best bamboo longboard with great flexibility.

This longboard is made of 8-ply Canadian maple and bamboo material that provides greater strength and pliability to the longboard. It integrates precision ball bearings of the ABEC-7 tolerance grade that offers better speed and extreme running accuracy making it capable of handling all of your adventures.

For providing better accuracy and smooth gliding this longboard is built with the 70 mm polyurethane wheels that are smooth and shock absorbent. The rock finishing of sturdy wheels ensures an excellent grip for your riding. To provide you a flatten and easy rides, the wheels of the longboard is equipped with the anti-bite technology that eradicates a grab smartly.

This is the best bamboo longboard for an excellent riding experience.

Key Features:

  • Flexible maple and bamboo construction
  • Solid maneuverability
  • Buttery smooth 70mm wheels
  • Rock finish for superior grip
  • Anti-Bite technology

2. Quest QT-NSC44C Bamboo Longboard Skateboard


Those who are looking for quality products and optimum performance, this longboard is an ideal choice in a shoestring budget

Dare to ride all the adventures with this cost-effective best bamboo longboard.

The Multi-ply hardwood maple and beautiful artisan bamboo deck construction of this longboard make it an excellent choice at a reasonable price. With the 7-inch aluminum trucks make sure it will offer you superior performance for the riding. It is best suited for both beginners and expert riders.

The 44-Inch longboard and durable 70mm PU wheels allows you to maneuver easily where you want without any grab. Its classic and stylish design makes it best in style than other brands. Top-quality components offer maximum durability and optimal performance to make your riding faster and easier.

With high-quality construction, this is the best bamboo longboard at an affordable price.

Key Features:

  • Ensure maximum durability
  • 7-inch aluminum trucks
  • Pro style longboard at a great price

3. Playshion Drop Through Freestyle Longboard


An excellent choice for the beginners as it offers stunning performance and better stability on the surface

Playshion is one of the reliable best bamboo longboard that offers a double kicktail design to make it attractive and stylish.

It is the strong enough longboard that can bear up to 250 LBS weight making it suitable for any person. The longboard comes with the PU wheels that allows you to glide easily on the pathways. With the ABEC-9 bearings ensure smooth and fast riding so you can have great fun.

With the 7-inch aluminum trucks and soft bushings, it offers comfortable and softer longboarding. Double kicktail design allows longboard to lift the board up easily by making kick-tail action. You can enjoy the riding without having any worry with the help of anti wheel bite design of the longboard.

This best bamboo longboard is perfect for beginners.

Key Features:

  • Flat and symmetrical design
  • Durable and smooth wheels
  • Come with skate tools
  • Anti wheel bite design

4. Atom Drop Through Longboards


Ultra-low-riding longboard that offers excellent comfort and stability, makes it exclusive one than others

For acquiring the best stability while riding get the 41-Inch Atom Drop Best Bamboo Longboards.

This ultra-low-riding longboard offers maximum stability with its shape and grip tape. It integrates a study and string wheels that easily make an excellent grip on the road for providing fast speed. The bearings are well equipped which makes it a highly durable and exclusive one. For providing the fast and easier riding, it smartly eliminates a wheel bite by offering the 9.6-inches of leverage into every turn with the help of a unique perimeter shape of a longboard.

These are the best bamboo longboard for superior stability to make your riding unforgottable.

Key Features:

  • Ensures maximum stability
  • Unique perimeter shape
  • Wheels are nice and grippy
  • Comfortable and confident standing

5. White Wave Bamboo Longboard


If you are looking for the beautiful design and optimum performance, this can be ideal choice for professional riders and new riders

Let’s make your first riding experience unforgettable with the top-quality best bamboo longboard.

Krown Krex Longboards is a perfect longboard that is made up of multiple layers of bamboo and Canadian maple for providing great durability to the longboard. It also integrates durable heat transferred graphics and clear grip tape for the excellent support on the pathways. It provides 7-inches of aluminum trucks with a black mat finish that provides a sturdy grip on the road for acquiring better stability.

With the ultra-high rebound bushings, ensure smooth and comfortable riding. The high rebound urethane wheels allow you to go anywhere you want by providing excellent stability on the surface. The 2 bearings with built-in spacers make it ideal for freestyle riding, cruising, carving, and downhill riding.

Its incredible performance makes it the best bamboo longboards for professional riders as well as new riders.

Key features:

  • Enhance the riders experience
  • Heat transferred graphics
  • Durable top and bottom
  • 2 bearings with built in spacers
  • Beeter stability and comfort

6. Eggboards Mini Longboard Cruiser Skateboard


Due to its better portability and durability, it is best suited to be transported anywhere in a compact storageĀ 

Take the most portable Eggboards bamboo Longboards and get to your destination quickly.

This longboard offers high portability as you can easily carry it with you and easily fit in a backpack and locker for convenient storage. The bamboo and Canadian maple wood construction make it stronger and durable than other longboards. To provide a long-lasting performance this longboard offers solid trucks of aluminum.

This 19”x9′ inch of compact and wide longboard that offers more space for your feet. For easy movements and to go anywhere without any breaks it comes up with the 12” wheelbase. With ABEC-9 bearings, you can ride more as needed and can take precise turns.

These best bamboo longboards offers high portability to take it with you anywhere.

Key Features:

  • Solid aluminum trucks last forever
  • Wheels spin for a long time
  • Make you feel stable
  • Soft wheels ride over street cracks

7. Loaded Boards Bhangra Bamboo Longboard


Highly known because of its bamboo and basalt construction for offering a comfortable flex perfect for freestyle tricks

If you are looking for a longboard with a rocker profile, this is a best bamboo longboard that offers an elegant and classy look with confidence and stability.

Loaded Boards comes with an updated basalt and bio-epoxy construction for providing high strength, flexibility, and continued eco-friendliness. It ensures edge control without interfering with footwork with the help of mild concave. You can make a manual and shuvit tricks easily with the aggressive grip tape. You can achieve a smooth and grippy ride with the help of 70mm strong wheels.

This longboard integrates with a 180mm matte black trucks that offer a smooth and controlled turning response for your dancing, freestyle, and carving. With a strategic pattern of mild grip tape guarantees superior edge control and ensures smooth pivots, pirouettes, and other footwork.

These are the best bamboo longboards for fancy footwork and freestyle tricks.

Key Features:

  • Excellent stiffness and stability
  • Playful and responsive board
  • Deliver controlled turning response
  • Smooth and grippy ride

8. Quest Skateboards The Super Cruiser Longboard


It makes a great choice for its smooth ride, with its elegant style, quality and functionality

The 36″ Pro-quality construction of this longboard makes it the best bamboo longboard for smoother and continuous rides.

It is crafted with the bamboo and maple hardwood deck for offering superior durability and strength to longboard. It allows you to stand vertically, with a slight kick nose, in a slightly more compact and responsive shape. Enjoy the classic super cruiser performance with a kicktail design and its top-quality components.

With a 36″ deck it provides spacious space for your feet so you can enjoy the best riding ever. Ensure better stability and support with the help of rugged aluminum trucks. You can easily make movements and tricks because this longboard comes with a durable 65mm PU wheels. This is the perfect way for you to travel, explore, and adventure to make your ride enjoyable.

These best bamboo longboards offer a great style, quality and performance for a great quality fun.

Key Features:

  • Smooth riding and responsive reverse
  • Rugged and lightweight trucks
  • Classic super cruiser performance
  • Perfect for all of your journeys

To enjoy the rides on the street and the amazing stunts you must have the best bamboo longboards. But it may be difficult to pick the best longboards that will make your gliding experience better. We are providing you with the best longboard products that are durable and lightweight so that you can make a wise choice.

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